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国 家 交易金额 客户满意度 客户评语
Nepal ¥USD26000 非常满意 Dear friend, with due respect, I would like to know you that I couldn't stop myself to express my heartfelt gratitude and thankfullness to you for all the things, i.e. your interest, your kind consideration  & support, your warm reception and the most for your trust and assurance for win - win co-operation in future. I am highly impressed by your deep and long managerial experience, your most effective communication skill and the most by your simplicity. You deserve what you are. Thank you alot again. Hope I will definitely be benefitted by doing business with you.
Singapore ¥USD30000 非常满意 Stable good quality,  re-booked new order for gloves. 
Indonesia ¥USD20000 非常满意 Long term business relationship for more than 3 years,  happy to be with your estimeed company.
Bangladesh ¥USD15000 非常满意 Tiger rubber gloves, Sun gloves Repeated order confirmed.  Hope your business is good and you deserve it.
Kuwait ¥USD64500 非常满意 Long term goods friends, and most welcomed to visit Kuwait.
Greece ¥USD38150 非常满意 latex industrial gloves and nitrile gloves new order confirmed.  Mixed one container, hope can all purchase from your company.